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ReAthlete FOLD Massage Gun – Black


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First-Ever Foldable Professional Percussion Massager

Portable and Wireless

FINALLY, A FOLDABLE, MAXIMALLY COMPACT MASSAGE GUN. FOLD is the only deep tissue massager that you can fold in two and fit neatly into your bag or purse. High-class massage tools are normally bulky things that are hard to carry around, so we designed a foldable percussion massage gun for you to take it with you wherever you go. It’s a handheld massager that can be unfolded into two positions: at 45° or 90° to the handle. Foldability doesn’t compromise its full muscle massager functionality.
DON’T MISS A SPOT with our 5 premium OmniPressTM massage heads designed for different body parts and muscles. If you’re looking for a neck massager, a hand massager, a leg massager, or a shoulder massager, you will find all those in FOLD. The heads differ in terms of shape (ball, fork, flat, bullet, and wedge) and material they’re made of (soft and semi-soft foam, semi-hard rubber, and hard ABS polymer), so you get maximum muscle recovery and relaxation from your massager gun.


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