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Core by Hyperice (Mind)


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  1. Natural wood and ECG biosensors
  2. Vibrations and lights to guide you
  3. Bluetooth® connected to the Core App

Get the most out of Core

Wondering if you’re doing it right shouldn’t be part of your practice. Core is for anyone who could use some support in developing a consistent meditation habit. The Premium Bundle includes a Core Meditation Trainer ($179) and 12 months of Premium app content ($69.99/year; subscription does not auto-renew) – thousands of guided meditation options, breath training, and soundscapes, updated daily. Price when bundled together at checkout: $219 (save $30). App available on iOS and Android, phone not included.

Dynamic vibration guidance

Core pulses alongside your meditation sessions. Depending on the type of session, the vibrations will guide you in breath technique training, or serve as a gentle reminder to help you keep your attention focused.

Reduce stress, increase focus

Making meditation a part of your daily routine trains your brain to reach a calm and present state more rapidly, and can unlock numerous health benefits such as reducing stress, improving your mood, making it easier to sleep, and increasing your capacity to focus.

Track your progress

During each meditation Core’s ECG biosensors measure your heart and nervous system. The Core App displays your biofeedback and insights to show the impact meditation has on your mental and physical wellness.

Something for everything that’s on

your mind

Choose from our library of expert-led guided meditations, soundscapes and breathwork training sessions. All in sync with Core’s guiding vibrations and lighting.


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