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BodyPRO- ProPods Silicone Cupping Set with Case


Grab, pull and push fascia to treat pain, mobility, and movement dysfunctions. ProPod’s built-in handles create two levels of suction, with no flame or separate vacuum device required. Made from medical-grade silicone, which makes them very easy to keep clean, and packaged in a convenient carrying case, which makes them very easy to store and transport. A detailed quick-start guide is included. These tools are intended for professional use only or by individuals who have been trained in cupping techniques.

Practitioners of cupping know that cupping therapy helps relieve pain, improve circulation, dispel stagnant blood and lymph, improve energetic flow. Enter ProPods by BodyPro a silicone cupping toolkit and educational system that takes a different approach to an ancient method that sucks (on purpose). ProPods are a game-changer for any practitioner looking to add therapeutic methods that are efficient, easy to implement, effective, and travel-friendly.


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